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Dogs provide us with hours of entertainment, a shoulder to cry on and endless love and affection. No matter how bad your day was, coming home to a jumping, licking excited ball of fur will lift your mood and make you forget your troubles instantly.

All dogs love to please their owners, and teaching your dog tricks is a great way to let him win your praise and affection.


To keep your dog safe and mentally stimulated, it is essential to teach him basic commands such as sit, stay and heel.

If you wish to take his training further, the following tricks will test his mental and physical abilities to the limit. 

​You'll teach your dog so many different behaviours whilst having lots of fun. We'll cover things like:-

Peekaboo (Safe)

Chin Rest

Shake Paw

Treat on Nose


And thats only the first couple of weeks! 

Class Term : 6 weeks

Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £75.00

Maximum 5 Dogs per Class

Due to COVID-19, only 1 person will be permitted to attend.

All class materials and guides will be accessible through the Learning Management System. You will be sent your login information via email.


The classes will be in-person and held outside at the Pavilion. If we are unable to train outside due to the weather (Raining, more than 26 degrees.....) then the class will be held virtually via Zoom. If this is the case I will provide as much notice as I can.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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