Here at K9 Education Dog Training we know some dogs don't benefit from group or class training as it can be overwhelming. It maybe that your dog may have issues with other dogs or people, this is where One to One training comes in very useful.

One 2 One training takes place in your own home and lasts for one hour. This allows us to work with all members of the family that are involved in your dog’s life.  If you have multiple dogs we can work with all the dogs in one session, but it’s best to start one on one, to give each dog their own time.  


We will cover basic behaviours whilst having lots of fun.

Ideally we would like as many family members to attend as possible but I know what hectic lives we lead and this isn't always possible. I can still come over and spend an hour training your dog. Prior to my visit we will establish what training behaviours you would like me to work on. 

All lessons include unlimited phone and e-mail support for further questions.

One to One Training (Single Session) - £45.00

One to One Training

One to One Training (Single Session) - £120.00

One to One Training X 3 (Block Booking)
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