The K9 Advancers class builds on the behaviours, skills and knowledge you will have gained on the K9 Beginners class. We will work at progressing some behaviours following the 3 D's protocol but also introduce lots of new behaviours. 
With lots of games, skill development and fun, you and your dog will enhance your relationship and build an even stronger bond.

Duration Sits/Stays
Distraction Sits/Stays
Advanced Walking Techniques



About Turns

Emergency Get Aways

Choice Based Grooming

Next Level Recall

Chase Recall

Emergency Stops
Livestock Habituation

Making cars fun!

And much, much more!!!!

Class Term : 6 weeks

Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £85.00


Have completed the K9 Beginners Class

Maximum 5 Dogs per Class

Due to COVID-19, only 1 person will be permitted to attend

All class materials and guides will be accessible through the Learning Management System. You will be sent your login information via email.


The classes will be in-person and held outside at the Pavilion. If we are unable to train outside due to the weather (Raining, more than 26 degrees.....) then the class will be held virtually via Zoom. If this is the case I will provide as much notice as I can.


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