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Does your dog have selective hearing? Does it take ages before your dog eventually comes back to you - if at all? 
If your answer is YES to the above, this course is for you! 

Being able to effectively recall your dog at any time is very important! Its for your safety, your dogs, as well as others around you. Recall is all about being a responsible dog owner. 
For example: 

Your dog ignores your calls 
As soon as you remove the lead, he runs off at break speed! 
You have to wait around until your dog decides its time to go home
Your dog runs up to other people and their dogs when out on walks 
Does this sound familiar? What gets rewarded gets repeated! 
Both you and your dog need to break old habits. K9 Education Dog Training offers a course solely to improve your dog's recall. 

Teach your dog an effective recall using various kind, force free methods. 

Don't believe you can train Recall on an Online class? Let me prove you wrong as an online class is the perfect way of training a recall. Accelerated learning due to no distraction, Responses to the exercises and cues become much stronger, much quicker! Receive a recording of the class each week to use for your homework and to refer to! 


Class Term : 3 weeks 
Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £50.00

All class materials and guides will be accessible through the Learning Management System. You will be sent your login information via email.

All classes are held on Zoom. You will be sent access details closer to the course date.