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The dog walk for most dogs is something they look forward to, pester us for and drag us out of the house to!

For us, the excitement may be tainted by the fact we know the walk is going to be a complete drag, literally!

You open the front door and your dog (closely followed by you) is already half way down the drive despite you being connected to each other and you have to lock the door!

And then the pulling starts, so we pull back, and they pull forward, so we pull back! Gotta love a game of tug of war! 

Walking with your dog on a loose lead is a pleasure and should be enjoyed by all. 
Both you and your dog need to break old habits. K9 Education Dog Training offers a course solely to improve your dog's loose lead skills using various kind, force free methods. 

Class Term : 3 weeks 
Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £70.00

The classes are in person and will be held at Bagworth Community Centre


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