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Embark on a fascinating journey into the depths of canine cognition, where we unravel the mysteries of the dog's mind and explore its understanding of the world. 

Over the past decade, cognitive psychology has emerged as a leading field in comprehending canine behaviour, shedding light on how dogs perceive, reason, learn, and remember.

In this course, we'll delve into crucial topics such as object permanence and its implications for domestic dogs. Through a comprehensive examination of evidence, we'll uncover the intricacies of conceptual learning in dogs and how it shapes their interactions with their environment.

Moreover, we'll explore the nuances of reasoning in dogs, comparing and contrasting it with human reasoning processes. By dissecting their cognitive mechanisms, we'll gain insights into how dogs interpret space and time, offering a deeper understanding of their mental landscape.

Join us on this captivating journey through canine cognition games, where we unravel the mysteries of the canine mind and gain a deeper appreciation for our furry companions.

We’ll look at:-
Recognition - Colour, space, shape
Communication - Talking buttons
Plus other exciting subjects

We'll have lots of fun and hopefully some enlightening moments! 

Class Term : 6 weeks

Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £120.00

The classes will be in-person and held inside at Peckleton Village Hall. 


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