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K9 Education Dog Training Dog Not Listening


Behavioural problems can get out of control and you can soon feel as though the battle will never end. I promise you, there is a solution. Here at K9 Education we will work through practical training skills, environmental management, counter conditioning, habituation and desensitisation to resolve issues such as:-

Pulling on the lead

Jumping up

Noisy dogs


Over excitement around other dogs


Inappropriate toiletting


Separation Anxiety


We will make an appointment to visit at a time to suit you. Daytime, Evening or Weekend visits available.

An Initial assessment will take approximately 1 and a half hours.

Following your assessment you will receive detailed recommended training and management options so you and your dog can move forward with your training as well as ongoing email/telephone support.​

I will then re-visit should it be required up-to a maximum of three times to tidy anything up and leave you with any final training.

You also receive ongoing telephone/email support as required.


Duration : 1 hr 30 min with Follow up appointment/s included


Price : £350.00

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