The K9 Beginners class is the foundation class to start you and your puppy/dog off in the right direction.

Lots of theory and practical advice to ensure you build strong relationships and healthy communication.

To set yourself and your dog up for success the K9 Beginners class has been compiled to ensure you get more than just basic behaviours. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills to take your canine relationship to new heights.


The K9 Advancers class builds on the behaviours, skills and knowledge you will have gained on the K9 Beginners class. We will work at progressing some behaviours following the 3 D's protocol but also introduce lots of new behaviours. 


With lots of games, skill development and fun, you and your dog will enhance your relationship and build an even stronger bond.


Parkour, also known as “urban agility” is a great sport to boost confidence, build strength and strengthen your relationship.


Parkour is a challenging, but fun activity to do with your dog. It includes, jumping, climbing, and balancing.


Once you start Parkour, you will look at the world completely different. You will always be on the lookout for places to play with your dog.


K9 Trick training is all about having fun with your dog.

Teaching them to do some tricks builds the bond between you both whilst challenging our dogs to learn some crazy behaviours.


Dogs love to get on things because they enjoy it.


Platform training hones in on this and exploits it! Not only does it provide you with a great indoor exercise routine (for when its chucking it down), it exploits the under-utilised aspects of a dogs brain - Cognition.


Is your companion the Einstein or Homer Simpson of the dog world? 


Have you ever wondered how smart your dog is? If you have, this is the course for you.


Each week we’ll run through some interesting exercises to test your dog’s cognitive ability.

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