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K9 Education was set up by me, Shane Hartshorn. I am passionate about dogs and their wellbeing believing in using only Positive training which is backed up by the latest scientific studies. It all came about thanks to one of my dogs, Bert. He was attacked. No physical damage thankfully, however I had no idea what impact this had had on him and us too. He slowly became dog reactive. So I did what I thought was correct and called in a dog trainer.

I was unaware at the time of the differences in training approaches and my boy got worse. Thanks water sprays, harsh leash corrections. It got so bad I nearly gave him up but I was lucky enough to find a trainer who blew my mind and I can safely say she changed my life and that of both my dogs.

From that point I began retraining from being a People Trainer to a Dog (People) Trainer through the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Trainers. I was taught by some of the leading dog professional in the world (Victoria Stilwell, Brad Waggoner, Lisa Waggoner, Sarah Fisher and so many more). Following 6 months of study, intensives, cyber-classes, online lessons and the mentorship aspect, I graduated with Distinction. Not only was this one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I now have a completely different view on our canine friends and what they are capable of.


I want to help! I started K9 Education in the hope that people with challenging dogs don't have to go through what I had to in order to get the help they need. We should enjoy our dogs, learn to listen to them and realise what amazing creatures they really are. 

I offer fun filled classes as well as some great workshops. Looking for that personal touch, why not arrange a one to one training session or for the more challenging of our four legged friend, what about a Behaviour Modification visit. If you need help, I am there for you.



To ensure I am able to provide the best service and most up to date information, I am constantly learning myself. Here are a few of the certificates and qualifications I have achieved.

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