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Reactive Dog and Enjoyable Walks - They Don't Go Together! Or Do They?

As an owner of a reactive pup, I feel as owners we give ourselves a hard time when walks don't go as we would have hoped. We seem to forget about the other 99% of the time we spend with our dogs when they are complete angels.

So when we have a great walk, we need to sing about it. This is how it can be and ultimately will be.

Did we walk with the intention of getting somewhere?


Did we spend the entire walk ignoring each other and doing our own thing?


This mornings walk with Bert had:-

Tug/Drop/Fetch Game

Attention based training




Loose Lead Training

Frustration Tolerance (saw a cat)

Safe Behaviour

Doggy Press-ups

And probably more but I can't remember, it was first thing!

Interacting with our dogs is vital. Put the phones away, have fun with your pup and generally enjoy your walks. It is achievable if you have a pup with "Feature's".

You just need to put the effort in and the results will come.

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