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Free Dog Anyone!!!!

Dog tied up outside shop

When I was a child I remember you could leave your house to go out for an hour with the front door wide open, arrive home and everything was as you left it.

The world has changed to the point of having to lock yourself in when you get home! Crime has risen to an all time high and isn't limited to petty theft of the odd diamond ring or Xbox (whatever version its at). Crime has changed. We are now faced with the theft of our own identity. We do things to prevent this by ensuring we have the latest virus software and updates. We lock our houses, our cars, our offices and even our local parks in the ongoing battle.

Why? Because these things matter to us; whether its emotionally or financially driven its still something we care about!

So, please answer me this simple question -

Why do you spend hundreds of pounds, devote your time and fall in love with a four legged friend only to tie them up and leave them outside a shop for anyone to walk off with? Is he not part of the family? Would you leave your 2 year old attached to the trolly run outside for anyone to walk away with? So why when animal theft is at an all time high do you feel leaving your companion for anyone to walk off with?

Change is inevitable. It's going to happen. And we have to adapt. Not so long ago it was ok to leave your dog unattended outside a shop. It was the norm!

We don't have that luxury now. Please, if you need to go to the shop, leave the dog at home. Walk him after you get back. Just don't leave your dog outside a shop. One day, he may not be there when you get back.

How much is that doggie on the forecourt, the one with the waggly tail,...................

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