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Based in Groby, Leicestershire


Dog Trainer

I love social media! Catching up with my friends, reading and watching the funnies, checking out the local information and events.

Around here we have "Spotted" sites for all our local news, goings ons, etc. A wealth of reasons people use them - lost cats, local news et...


Dog Trainer

As an owner of a reactive pup, I feel as owners we give ourselves a hard time when walks don't go as we would have hoped. We seem to forget about the other 99% of the time we spend with our dogs when they are complete angels.

So when we have a great walk, we need to sin...


Dog Trainer

If I've heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times. No matter how much I try to avoid this conversation, it still happens far to often. I'm talking about dogs who get too close and the owners who disregard anything I say.

Your dog may be ok with other dogs, mines...