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Is your companion the Einstein or Homer Simpson of the dog world?

Have you ever wondered how smart your dog is? If you have, this is the course for you. Each week we’ll run through some interesting exercises to test your dog’s cognitive ability.


We’ll look at:-



Word Association


Relating to Human Emotional Stat

Communication and Intention Reading 

We'll have lots of fun and hopefully some enlightening moments!

Class Term : 6 weeks

Duration : 1 hr per week plus homework

Price : £65.00

All class materials and guides will be accessible through the Learning Management System. You will be sent your login information via email.


The week 1 class will be held via Zoom where we will cover off all of the theory-based information.

For weeks 2 to 7 the classes will be in-person and held outside at the Pavilion. If we are unable to train outside due to the weather (Raining, more than 26 degrees.....) then the class will be held virtually via Zoom. If this is the case I will provide as much notice as I can.


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